Monday, July 08, 2013

Results are in

 This has nothing to do with anything, but Snoopy and the flying doghouse cracked me up. 
 Now where was I?

Right.  We had several submissions this month, all of them in .22 LR, So thankfully people have at least a little ammo out there. (I've been informed that the local range is no longer limiting sales to 'range only' so that's encouraging.)

 In class 1, Rimfire Iron sights, the rundown goes like this

Mike B                       S&W 617 Revolver (22LR) Iron sights                   180
Billl Ruger                   Mk I Iron Sights                                                   130
Pat B                          S&W 617 (22LR) Iron sights                                 120
SCSon                        Ruger Single Six Score                                           90
Engineering Johnson     Browning SA-22 Takedown Iron sights                   90
SCSon                        Ruger 22/45 (Iron Sights)                                       40
Danno                         Ruger Single Six                                                    30
Danno                         Ruger 22/45 (Iron Sights)                                      30

 I'm pretty impressed with the scores in the triple digits on this one. Personally I find with iron sights it was tricky to figure out the exact location than more than the lower two aircraft, however the target did blur into a near vertical line in my case which made it easy to shoot five quick shots from top to bottom.

 In class 2, Rimfire Optic sights, the winners are...
Mr. Completely         High Standard w/ OKO Red Dot                             260
True Blue Sam           Ruger Mk III 1.4x scope                                        170
True Blue Sam           Ruger Mk III Red Dot                                            130
True Blue Sam           Ruger 10/22 Red Dot                                            130
Engineering Johnson   Ruger 10/22 3x scope                                          130
Mrs.True Blue Sam    Ruger Mk III Red Dot                                              60
Billl                            Remington Nylon 66 (scoped)                                50

 I'd say Mr. C is the big winner on this one and some of the hits he made on this target made it look easy!

 When I was putting together this target I found that a 3 power scope and a fair bit of patience pretty much assured a hit on one of the smaller planes, so that's why I encouraged people to at least try to shoot this quickly. I didn't end up timing myself (the range frowns on cameras) but I did enjoy shooting this by jostling the line holding my target just before each string. It really forced me to touch off my shots quickly.

 As for Timed entries, I received a few comments about a 3 or 4 second string being impractical. I also received a timed entry from Mr. C. Once again, he used his Hi Standard to shoot a target scoring 140 (one hit on all of the top four planes) which is a good target, but the really impressive bit is that his string time was 2.46 seconds.

 Once you've picked your jaws up off the floor, why don't you join me in congratulating Mr. Completely as the "Ace of Aces"

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Old NFO said...

Congrats to ALL! And I'm glad 'somebody' is finding .22 ammo... sigh