Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Big news...small caliber

I mentioned in my last post that Lori from Ruger wanted to donate a firearm in Bea's honor to the fund raiser raffle at this year's Gun Blogge Rendezvous. Well we owe Lori a big thank-you because right now I'm holding in my hand a certificate for a new Ruger Single Ten!

Now I've not used a single ten before, but I have used the single six before and it's a loads of fun, so having 66% more ammo per cylinder has to be pretty darn cool. But don't take my word for it, check with somebody who's actually used one.

The single ten is the new addition to the single action line, coming out a little over a year ago and I'm very excited to have one in our raffle this year.

 For those of you who haven't used a single ten or single six I know you might be saying "what's the big deal, it's a .22LR in a revolver."  I'll forgive your skepticism for a moment if you just stick with me.

 Rimfire revolvers are actually pretty versatile. No, you don't want to rely on them for bear protection, but they're actually really good firearms for those who love the great outdoors because of the inherent reliability and ruggedness of the revolver design. They're also nice to pack around because you don't have to worry about fiddling with safeties, magazine releases and such; you just load it, holster it, and it's there whenever you need it. (And with Ruger's transfer bar system you don't have to leave a chamber empty like you did on old style single actions)

Or if you just want a plinker, with this you can spend all day shooting paper, tin cans, and those annoying plastic political signs that grow in the yard this time of year. But what's this...You get four more shots between stopping to reload! I wouldn't swear to it, but I bet that with a little practice, you could reload one of these almost as fast as you could stuff some of the more annoying 22LR magazines out there.

And lest I forget the really fun part, with those four extra rounds, you also get a single action revolver that can shoot steel! Sure you won't beat the automatics in a drag race, but with a little practice you could turn in some respectable times in Steel Challenge style contests, oh and you can also tease your buddies about how their their self-cocking, auto-feeding pistols are doing all the hard work for them!

 So if you haven't sent in your registration yet, go over to Gunbloggers and send it in now. If you participate in the raffle you'll be helping Project Valour-IT and you might just get a Single Ten as your reward!!

And don't be afraid to show a little appreciation to the folks over at Ruger for making this possible!

Load and Make Ready!

I have exciting news to post when I get home tonight.  Stay tuned!