Sunday, October 12, 2014

Rendezvous Recap

I think I've finally sorted out some of the template issues that were giving me trouble on blogger, so while everything is still functional here is a quick recap from this year's GBR. We didn't have quite as many attendees as last year but it was still a great bunch and between registration and raffle fees we managed to raise $4000 for HAVA! Here's a look at some of the raffle goodies.

  This was thanks to our sponsors who I have blatantly copied from Kevin's Post.

  • Ken Jorgensen of Ruger - for the Mk III Hunter
  • MKS Supply for their nine years of support and the .45 Carbine they donated this year, plus shirts and hats.
  • Osage County Guns and Kevin Creighton for the Sig 1911-22 they donated.  This was their first year.
  • Lori Yunker of Burris Optics for the AR-F³ sight they donated.
  • Allen Forkner of Swanson Russell and Redfield for the Battlezone 6-18x44mm scope they donated.
  • Eric Harvey of Dillon Precision for providing one of their "Ammo-shift" bags.
  • Larry Weeks of Brownell's for providing once again one of their top-of-the-line range bags and five tactical flashlights.  Brownell's, too, has been a sponsor from year one.
  • Crimson Trace for a pair of laser sights for Glock pistols.
  • Cabela's for the donation of a rod-n-reel, shirts and hats.
  • Tom Tayor of Mossberg for the donation of T-shirts, tactical pens and a very nice Schrade lockback knife.
  • Bear Bullets for the donation of a tub-o'-.22 ammo. (A Remington Bucket O' Bullets - 1400 rounds worth!)
  • WGM Tactical Precision for the donation of a stripped AR lower (which I guess qualifies as the FIFTH firearm given away), and a lifetime membership to Front Sight
  • Front Sight itself for a certificate good for a four-day training course, or two two-day classes.
  • Special Interest Arms for the donation of scope mounts for a No. 1 Mk III and a No. 4 Enfield

  • I also want to thank the folks at U.S. Firearms Academy for graciously acting as our shipping receiver, the fine folks at the Washoe County Regional Shooting Facility for the reserved range space on Friday and the Western Nevada Pistol League for use of their shooting bays and steel on Saturday, and finally the folks at MiScenarios for the interactive digital range time on Sunday. That was worth hanging around for, and the better part of a dozen of us showed up to try it.Once again, thanks to the National Shooting Sports Foundation for their sponsorship (they bought our pizza Saturday night).

    As for the raffle itself.  Liz and family cleaned up this year taking home the Ruger, the Sig, and the Winchester.  And in an unprecedented event, Kevin took home a gun too becoming the owner of a Hi Point Carbine.  

    There's plenty more to share from this year, including some rapid firing and quiet goodness from Special Interest Arms and Silent carbine.

    I'll load up more pictures later this week, but for now I'll leave you with this.