Friday, November 11, 2011

Eleventh Hour of the Eleventh Day of the Eleventh Month

Please take a moment today to reflect on what our veterans have given us, and if you know a veteran, stop and say 'thank you.'


BobG said...

Sadly, most of the older veterans are gone. I grew up around veterans of WWI, WWII, and Korea. My generation got snarled up in Vietnam. Too many of all of those are gone now.
Thank you to all the veterans, both with us and those that have passed on.

Home on the Range said...

On the van ride from the rental car lot (off airport) to the airport I heard the older driver on the radio alert another driver to a free car wash on 11-11 at the corner car wash. He looked to be in his 60's, hard to tell, but definitely at an age he should have been enjoying retirement, not driving in heavy traffic for a living.

As we got off the van, I slipped him a crisp twenty dollar bill, looked him in the eye and said "Happy Veterans Day and thank you, have a beer on me".

He didn't speak for a minute and then uttered a soft but heartfelt thank you. Small things, small remembrances, big thanks to so many.

J.R.Shirley said...

It was a horrible war, but aren't they all?