Sunday, November 09, 2008

Farmers Fare

This summer I was taking some pictures of steam traction engines when I came across one with an open smokebox.

I had been contemplating writing a post on boiler design, so I figured this would make a great illustration. I rushed over and took this photo.

Of course you can see the arrangment of the flues which run from the smokebox to the firebox and up above the exhaust steam is directed up into the smokestack to create a draft to draw air from the firebox, and down below...

Wait, those shouldn't be there. Why are there metal grates and hooks in the smokebox?

Ah, smoked sausage. That makes sense. I'm not sure they would be up to Brigid's standards, but they sure look tasty!

One word of caution though, If anyone else feels the need to try this approach to feed your next threshing crew, just make sure you're burning wood that day and not coal!

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