Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Quote of the unspecified temporal interval.

Today's quote comes from the Brigid's corner of blogosphere "Home on the Range" where it's hard to visit the site without either getting an itchy trigger finger or getting hungry. (Perhaps it's a strange combination, but I like the blog.)

In a post on Saturday she wrote about her work and the impact it has on her. This line caught my attention.

I worry about fate less; yes sometimes you are simply the bug on the windshield by being at the wrong place at the right time but I've also found that a good portion of our misfortunes arise, not from fate or ill health or thevagrancies of the winds, but from human rancor, fueled by innate stupidity, and those ever present justifications of the same, hell bent idealism and proselytizing mania for the sake of religious or political effigies.

How true it is! Bad things sometimes happen just by chance, but more often than not we sow the seeds of our own discontent.

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Home on the Range said...

And 5 years later you married me. No chance about that :-)