Monday, October 24, 2005

I'd laugh but it's too true.

What do you call a county that lacks a modern telecommunications system? "Technologically backward"

What do you call a county that lacks a fully integrated banking system?"Economically underdeveloped."

What do you call a country that lacks a well-connected public transportation system? "United States of America"

I am off to Dayton again tomorrow, but I am stunned by the fact that, unless I travel during the day, I have to pay over $800 bucks for a ticket!!! So I'm going during the day, but not to Dayton. Those flights are still about $600 bucks or sold out. So I'm flying to Columbus, getting a rental car and burning rubber to Dayton. Does anyone else find it funny that this trip will likely take as long as just plain driving there from Chicago?


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