Friday, October 28, 2005

Good news, bad news

This trip is almost over so here's a quick recap.

Bad news: My rental car was lousy. Alignment was off, it was white (looks like a refrigerator) with road grime all over the place and scratches. The alignment was off too.
Good news: The folks at enterprise were VERY accomodating and took it back because of the alignment. They gave me a free upgrade to a Chevy Classic, one of my preferred rental cars. (I still wish they rented out more Fords, but that's coming from a man who has a blue oval tatooed on both cheeks)

Bad news: My flight is delayed for mechanical reasons so I'm stuck in Columbus for now.
Good news: The Columbus terminal has FREE WIFI!! Hence, I'm able to write this.

Bad news: The plant didn't have enough people on day shift to handle all the work I needed to do so I had to come in on night shift.
Good news: Since I worked a double shift I've got in over 40 hours this week (plus sympathy points) so it looks like I will only make a cameo appearance in the office before I head home for a good homemade meal (heck, maybe a beer too.)

All in all, not a bad trip. See everyone back in Chicagoland or Champaign!


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