Sunday, December 11, 2005

Just some good ol' boys

I thought I was being a bit silly when I posted this about the 4wd Lincoln on e-bay. But I've just noticed something that's even sillier (and a bit pathetic.)

Does anyone remember the family guy episode where they painted the station wagon to look like the General Lee? This is even better

Not one, but TWO cars that are almost laughable on their own, but are head shakingly sad when you slap the stars and bars on the roof.

I like the dodge charger as much as any red-blooded American male, and I can see how having a charger decked out in General Lee colors would be fun, but c'mon guys!! The wierdest thing, is that if I can run onto two of these cars while casually looking at e-bay, this can't be just an isolated thing.

I don't care how much you like the dukes, save some face and go get a dull paint job guys.


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