Monday, December 05, 2005

The morning routine

What is a computer nerd?

A computer nerd powers on the computer, and while booting, runs through to the coffee pot and gets the coffee started. While the coffee is starting to brew, he runs back and begins the load of the editor/compiler/whatever.

He then dashes back to the coffee pot and replaces the pot with his mug (you can recognize his mug, the glaze has been etched off the inside), and fidgets or hits a few more keys while the mug is filling with that first, high-impact slug. He probably drinks the entire thing before beginning work, because it's hard to edit a file before the screen comes into focus.


At 4:59 PM, Anonymous KA9VSZ said...

Um, you mean other people don't start their morning like that? Me: sit up at side of bed; put on pants and shoes; turn on pc; go to bathroom; start coffee pot; check on progress of pc; continue rest of getting-ready-for-work routine while periodically checking on pc. Sounds perfectly normal to me.


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