Tuesday, September 27, 2005


It seems as though this weekend I'll be fancy-free and free for anything fancy (Cue Irving Berlin "No strings, no connections...") so I think I'll take a little trip down to Illini territory. I don't have anything fancy in mind really. I mostly just want to see some friends that I haven't spent time with for a while.

Of course while I'm there, there's always the possibility that I'll go to the Urbana Beer Tasting and Chili Cookoff. In the past years I've volunteered there with some of my friends and we always managed to come back with a few bottles for filling (with homebrew) and a few bottles for drinking (legitimate free drinks no less!)

So if you're in Champaign Urbana and I haven't spoken with you yet, give me a shout. I'll be around either Friday night or Saturday midday. C-U then!

(ok now that was pun-ishing)


At 3:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So I just read Anna's blog that says her favorite person is coming to town, and I was all like "mmm, who could that be". I guess I'm putting two and two together and it's... you! Congratulations Zeke! Anyway, wish I could be there to join y'all in the fun... have a good time and say hi to folk for me! -Bo

At 11:01 AM, Anonymous Anna said...

I said "one of my favorite people" FYI. Anyway, I would definitely be up for doing something Saturday morning or afternoon. Friday is going to be insane because I've got both large group and film series so I must be in two places at once, and will be busy from 4-11. Saturday night I'm also running film series because my co-chair is going home this weekend (If you want to come see it, its "The Interpreter," only $2 if you have your UIUC ID! Shameless plug for film series there!).
Now I am going to work on my two papers due tomorrow. I'll probably be online Thursday night, but I'm staying off AIM until these papers are done.

At 8:39 PM, Blogger Mr. Engineering Johnson said...

I'll take "one of" any day


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