Thursday, September 29, 2005

It's nice to get attention...I think.

I'm flattered to find out that so many people read my blog. At least I'm assuming lots of folks are reading it because now that I've posted that I'll be driving south this weekend, all the gas stations seem to have raised their prices.

Sure glad I have everyone's attention. /sarcasm

In other news I'm pleased to announce that Rosie now has a 2WD ONLY mode!!!!!

*crickets chirping*

Why is it nobody else gets excited when I say that. Actually I just made a quick modification (quick as in only having to disassemble half the dash instead of the whole thing) that allowed me to effectively turn off the control-trac system. This may sound crazy, but that's actually important under some road conditions because even though 2WD might make the car slightly less stable when accelerating, it makes it MUCH more stable when your foot is off the gas.

OK, enough lecturing, I"m off go get a snack then finish reassembling the console in the car.


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