Saturday, September 24, 2005


I'm sorry to say, but it appears that Kim du Toit has officially quit blogging. This is sad news to me because he said many things which resonated in my mind. His enjoyment of firearms, his love for his family, his unswerving faith in the manly un"pussified" male and his (usually conservative) political views were always welcome topics as they gave me some faith that the world had not gone completely crazy and that I was not the only person who still enjoyed the individualist outlook on life (not to mention the smell of gunsmoke)

According to the last post, he had just gotten a (much needed) new job. And the current theory is that his new job was not sufficiently blog friendly to allow him to continue. This is especially probable considering his staunch political views on various subjects. On the bright side, the forum Kim started, known as "The Nation of Riflemen" is still going and is currently under new management. So if anyone is interested in firearms in any way, your ultimate resource is here!

Of course I'm always available for talk about firearms (yes I'm a gun nut, and proud of it)

Good luck Kim! You've been an inspiration and a comfort to me. I know I'll always be a rifleman at heart.


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