Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Old downtown Winchester

After work I went looking for a place to eat and ended up in old downtown Winchester (VA)

The city has done an absolutely amazing job of preserving the old downtown atmosphere. There are plenty shops and restaurants along the closed-off streets and alleyways. Right in the middle of it all there is the old courthouse, which now houses a Civil War museum.

The monument is for the confederate soldiers who died in the war. It's one of several such monuments in the region, as this was a hotbed of activity. In fact, Winchester changed hands more than any city during the war.

There were also several elegant churches in the area which, from the outside, looked to be in excellent condition.

Even many of the businesses have made an effort to keep with the old fashioned look of the area, and although the styles varied considerably, they're still quite lovely.


At 8:37 PM, Blogger scrappy17 said...

wow those buildings are beautiful. yeah i ahve been practing every day but i think i got it. my mom rode with me today and i think i know why today was her first time, she is such a back seat driver. oh well i guess all mothers are like that. drop by some time


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