Saturday, April 15, 2006

April 15th B.A.G. day

Some years ago several bloggers declared April 15 "Buy A Gun" day. The reasons for this varied, but the basic idea was to encourage responsible, law abiding citizens to assert their second amendment rights.

Now I'm not running out and purchasing a new firearm today. (I'm still making a list of things I can and cannot do in Cook County IL) But I certainly am doing some shopping.

The problem is, there are just so many choices out there.


At 4:13 PM, Blogger scrappy17 said...

well guns are not really my thing but that is kind of cool. man all that travelin can run somebody ragged, i hope that you can get some time to just hane out with your friends or maybe even SLEEP! you got to speak for the CEO of your company that is so cool!!! well i have not been up to much. oh i got one of the scholarships that i applied for, i have not heard from any of the others but it is a little early still. well i'll post something new soon. drop by sometime!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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