Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Fun with Windows

A couple months back I ran across a series of spoofs on the Mona Lisa. Here's one of the pictures.

It's nothing special, but I started wondering, what other things could you find pasted into the familiar windows XP background?

That's right, XP Gothic. I think it's really a bit too cheery to go with the original mood of the painting.

For the history buffs, there's always the possibility of reenactment battles. (If you were really creative you could have the icons attack each other.

Like sci-fi? Paste a couple spacecraft and an extra moon three into the picture.

There are plenty of opportunities for motor sport enthusiasts too.

Of course, you know the linux crowd has to take a shot at Microsoft. (Sorry Bo)

And for those days when nothing is going right with your computer - the H-Bomb background.

Isn't photoshop grand?


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