Thursday, November 03, 2005

Roll film food

This is brilliant!

The affordability of hard drive based TV recorders combined with the fact that there's really not much on the TV worth watching makes it rather silly to have a VCR.

Until now!

James Larsson has an ingenous way of putting that old VCR to a good use. Most pet owners have to take time every day to set out some food, but suppose you could harness the power of the VCR's programming feature schedule your pet's feeding time.

Just remove one of the motors and hook it to the device of your choice and imagine what you could do!! It would be possible to handle lots of different tasks of different lengths. It's only limited by the number of events you can program in and your imagination

Of course if you figure in how hard it is to program the time into a vcr and how cheap an LM555 timer is, it's probably simpler to just build a system like this from scratch, but still, it's pretty neat.


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