Monday, March 07, 2005

Hope for the future

I've complained on several occasions that whenever gun owners get attention it tends to be negative. However, today I ran across an article at The Nation of Riflemen and it really helped to renew my hope that some day gun owners will not be plagued by the current stereotypes.

Here's the post I was looking at. As far as I am concerned, that quote should be required reading for all gun owners. As for non gun owners, I urge you to read it as well because it gives an excellent explanation of the mindset of a responsible gun owner.

Here's a teaser:
It has no feelings, no emotions. What it does, however, is extend the good or evil of the man wielding it. He is no longer constricted to arm’s reach, he can extend good or evil for hundreds if not thousands of yards. And the rifle becomes just as good or evil as the person wielding it.

And to think that' he's not even 21 yet!


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