Monday, September 01, 2014

If you aren't headed to Reno

You are missing out! 

  Go here to see all the goodness at this year's Rendezvous.


At 5:37 PM, Blogger Brigid said...

You did a beautiful job on the holster and the gun restoration.

At 8:35 PM, Blogger David aka True Blue Sam said...

Beautiful! If someone wants to go and they haven' registered, e-mail Kevin, make a room reservation, and Hit The Road. You can register when you get there! GBR IX will be the BEST EVER!

At 3:19 PM, Blogger NotClauswitz said...

Anybody need a lift from the airport?

At 8:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The new owner of the pictured rifle is being very "antsy" about taking it to the range this weekend.

Needless to say, she is ecstatic about her new tool ... go figure.

At 5:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Range report coming ... soon. First impressions are: Bug Groups. The thing shoots about 1 MOA @25 meters from a rested prone with CCI MiniMag 40gr. The new owner, She Who Must Be Obeyed, is one happy camper. It must be the smell of linseed oil and burnt powder that acts on her happy center. She will provide more later.

At 6:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wonderful job on restoring the rifle! I was able to easily hold half inch groups at 25 meters in rested prone. Should make a great squirrel gun (or rabbit or choose your small critter). Thank you again! Above anonymous has the good camera and will see about submitting a picture. :D


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