Thursday, June 15, 2006

Everyone is a critic

It's time for a little dose of culture

One of Britain's most prestigious art galleries put a block of slate on display, topped by a small piece of wood, in the mistaken belief it was a work of art. . . But the slate was actually a plinth -- a slab on which a pedestal is placed -- and the stick was designed to prop up a sculpture. The sculpture itself -- of a human head -- was nowhere to be seen.
What I want to know is, will the artist still get credit even though he didn't originally intend to display just the hardware? Either way, I don't think is the way to get a head in the art world.

Seriously though, what does this say about contemporary art and audiences? I would think that a piece of stone and a stick might have made people think they were missing something. Maybe?

Anyhow, I'm off to prepare my latest piece of art for its unveiling. I call it Easel.


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