Sunday, March 23, 2008


I suppose I'm stating the obvious, but I haven't been posting much for the past several months. I could cite plenty of specific reasons like being on the road, being swamped with work, hobbies, and socializing. Really, I think I just lost the urge to write for a while, but it's springtime now and I've decided to resurrect this blog for a while. I'll be putting up some new material on at least a weekly basis for a while now.

I'd like to start off with an additions to the blogroll.
It's time to introduce the enthusiastic new blogger 'True Blue Sam" who has put up quite a few posts over at his new blog. We have several areas of common interest and it will probably come as no surprise that we are related. (In fact, my picture made it into his banner on the far right!) He has some good material to work with and it looks as though he will continue to put up good posts for the foreseeable future. With any luck we may combine our efforts and do a little blogging together in the future.


At 12:19 PM, Anonymous farmist said...

Welcome Back!


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