Thursday, July 05, 2007

Little Chapel - Where?

I'm on vacation this week, so I drove down to southen Illinois to see the family for a little while. We decided to tour around the countryside one day and we ran across this sign.

I've seen little chapels/churches before. I know that when you see a sign for a little church you can usually expect something like this.

This is "The Little Brown Church" just north of Waterloo Iowa. It is a typical small country church.

But this is the Little Chapel Church of Southern Illinois

No, the little church is not behind that humongous building. That building really is The Little Chapel Church

After a closer look we determined that the building was about 400 feet long by 200 feet wide with 37 separate air conditioning units! There is also a day care center with a playground, a huge parking lot, and a bus barn.

I think the "Little Chapel Church" is a very nice name, but as a description it requires more than a little imagination!


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