Monday, August 01, 2005

Green Light

This morning's link gets a green light for fun and ingenuity, and a red light from the legal department.

Have you ever noticed how emergency vehicles (firetrucks, ambulances, etc) always seem to get a greenlight no matter what the traffic flow around them? That's because there is a little sensor on many traffic signals that detects a signal sent out from a device called a Mobile InfaRed Transmitter (MIRT). Most emergency vehicles have a MIRT, so when they approach a traffic light it automatically changes to green.

Well somebody figured out a simple way to make your own MIRT and has published the plans online. The good news is, with this you can get a green light and breeze through most intersections. The bad news is this is most likely illegal wherever you go, and cameras mounted on traffic lights should be able to pick you out with relative ease. Remember, this is cool, but not if you go to jail!


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