Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Things That Make Life Fun

I have some wonderful friends and they have a knack for making life interesting. (Not to mention fun!)

Before I left the university campus I had to do something a little wacky and unusual to wrap things up. So I decided that I would join a small group in an unusual (and legally questionable) activity. A campout on the main quad. And of course thanks to Anna there is photographic evidence of the whole event.

Me Breaking a fire ordinance or two by lighting up my camp stove on the quad (with Paula shivering in the background) Of course as luck would have it, the moment we committed to spending the night on the quad it decided to rain and drove us under cover.

Here are Lindsay and Adam taking shelter from the rain in front of Davenport Hall.

Eventually the whole gang wound up under just a few blankets so we could keep warm. Anna, the ringleader of the gang, is seen on my right, dodging the camera's flash.

In a stunning (and quite rare) turn of events Paula managed to capture and try on my treasured Tilley Hat.

All too soon dawn came to the UIUC campus and I had to get up and drive myself to Chicago so I could move into my new apartment (pictures of which will follow if I ever manage to get away from this job in Minnesota)

It was a fun time and a delightfully wacky way to end a memorable college career. Many thanks to Anna and all!


At 1:05 PM, Anonymous Anna said...

I love it!

Oh the fun times...


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