Monday, June 13, 2005

Home Again

After two weeks on the road I have now returned home (my apartment in Chicagoland). At first I didn't think this apartment would feel like much of a home (let's face it when you've got a parking lot outside your door it usually feels more like a hotel) but after a couple weeks in a hotel in Minnesota this place really does feel like home.

Of course it does help that I now have a few finishing touches. You know, simple things that a college student might never think of on his own like bookcases that aren't made from milk crates, tables that don't double as cardboard boxes and pictures on the wall that aren't cut out of magazines. Right now I'm typing in the middle of a comfortably furnished living room with a 27" TV (with stereo sound) a couple of stylish bookshelves, an oak table, 4 bentwood chairs, an antique lamp, and a leather recliner. A few months ago this would have unimaginable luxury but now it feels almost normal, and it sure does feel good coming home to it!

The other piece of good news is that despite working way too many hours last week and being grumpy half the time from lack of sleep, I found out that I have some pretty incredible co-workers. I'm serious about that too, I'm not just worried that they might be reading this (not that many people do) I really think they're great. When you can work 15 hours with someone, then spend 2 hours in a lousy hotel bar comparing your life stories and still like someone, chances are you're dealing with potential friend material. . . Especially if you do that multiple days in a row.

Oh, and I took off from work a few minutes earlier than usual today so I could get to the bank and cash my first paycheck. Now if you'll pardon me, I think I'll go sit in one of my cushy chairs and enjoy a delightful beverage while I watch the sun go down and listen to Joe Venuti on the stereo.


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