Saturday, June 04, 2016

Going in Circles

It's sad to reflect that the only time I have dusted off the keyboard lately is for the e-postal.  Even worse is the fact that I haven't made it to the range in ages.  So rather than do a big themed target this is a simple training exercise intended to work on motor skills.   Here's the target, to shoot the match you will need two targets and 4 strings of 5 shots.
The target itself is simple enough, the catch is how you shoot it.  Print two targets and put them side by side  on a cardboard backer at 10 yards or 25 feet (as appropriate for your range.)  All strings should be done at a "quick but deliberate" pace.  Shoot standing, unsupported.  (Slings are allowed) 
On the first target, shoot once at each of the 5 circles.  It doesn't matter which circle you start with, but you must proceed to shoot the rest in a CLOCKWISE manner.  Shoot two more strings of 5 in the same manner at the same target.   Then, switch targets and shoot one string of five in the COUNTER-CLOCKWISE direction. 
On the first target each hit on one of the circles counts for 1 point with a maximum of 3 hits per circle.  On the second target, each hit counts for three points (maximum 1 hit per circle.)  Maximum score for the match is 30 points.  If you're in good practice the score on your first target should be similar to the score on your second.  If not, feel free to give it another try! 
Classes are as follows:
1 Rimfire pistol with iron sights/non-magnified optics.
2 Rimfire pistol with magnified sights.
3 Rimfire rifle with iron sights/non-magnified optics.
4 Rimfire rifle with magnified sights.
5 Centerfire pistol with iron sights/non-magnified optics.
6 Centerfire pistol with magnified sights.
7 Centerfire rifle with iron sights/non-magnified optics.
8 Centerfire rifle with magnified sights.
 Send a picture of the target to my email (posted on the upper right side of the page) by the end of the month.